As a result of the progress of the project, four technical articles have been published:

  1. Roveda, L., Magni, M., Cantoni, M., Piga, D., & Bucca, G. (2021). Human–robot collaboration in sensorless assembly task learning enhanced by uncertainties adaptation via Bayesian Optimization. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 136, 103711. (PDF format)
  2. Roveda, L., Bussolan, A., Braghin, F., & Piga, D. (2020). 6D virtual sensor for wrench estimation in robotized interaction tasks exploiting extended Kalman filter. Machines, 8(4), 67. (PDF format)
  3. Roveda, L., Forgione, M., & Piga, D. (2020). Robot control parameters auto-tuning in trajectory tracking applications. Control Engineering Practice, 101, 104488. (PDF format)
  4. Roveda, L., & Piga, D. (2020). Robust state dependent riccati equation variable impedance control for robotic force-tracking tasks. International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 4(4), 507-519. (PDF format)